Eskepa marble white

Italian porcelain stoneware in various colors and textures from the largest manufacturers that have implemented international quality control systems.

Durable, wear-resistant porcelain stoneware will serve you for a long time without changing color and texture. In the corridor of an apartment or in a shopping center, porcelain stoneware has established itself as an ideal material for flooring. Use quality adhesives and mount on a flat surface.


wear resistance

frost resistance

resistance to sudden temperature changes


ease of installation

wide range of applications

pollution resistance

Application area:

Floor cladding
Wall covering
Facade cladding
Manufacturing of countertops, furniture
Staircase decoration
Decoration of window openings, balconiesв
Special sizes:
2400х1200mm; 2400x800mm; 1800x900mm;
1600x800mm; 1200x1200mm; 1200x900mm
1200x600mm; 950x450mm; 800x800mm;
800x600mm; 600x600mm; 600x300mm
6mm; 9mm; 15mm
Finish -High gloss

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