Moon White

  • Density (kg / m3): 2500
  • Moisture absorption (%): 0.3
  • Compressive strength (MPA): 205

Description of the stone
Homogeneous white granite with a pronounced uniform grain pattern. The stone pattern is formed by a dense scattering of small black inclusions and larger inclusions of a delicate dark cream color. On an almost pure white background of stone, such a pattern looks extremely colorful. Indoors, this granite creates a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. It visually expands the space and makes the room brighter.

In interior decoration, this stone is universal and can be used both for floor and wall cladding, and for the manufacture of interior products - such as steps, countertops, window sills. The stone is harmoniously combined with both light and dark furniture and can be used both independently and in combination with other types of granite.

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