Tan Brown

Density (kg / m3): 2710
Moisture absorption (%): 0.11
Compressive strength (MPA): 181.83
Flexural strength (MPA): 7.34 - 10.8

Description of the stone

The original dark granite of a very specific shade with a pronounced rich texture. This stone is remarkable for its rich deep burgundy-brown color, which makes it visually very cozy, warm - and at the same time very presentable and luxurious.
The stone pattern is formed by large, chaotically located inclusions, which are a tone or two lighter than the background, which is why they seem slightly voluminous even on a polished surface.

In the interior, the stone looks rich and aristocratic. It is a great material for making countertops for kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms. Steps and floor cladding made of this granite also look luxurious and majestic.

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