Absolute Black

Density (kg / m3): 2,65
Moisture absorption (%): 0,01 % 0,30 %
Compressive strength (MPA):  1010 kgf / cm ²

Description of the stone

Absolute Black Granite is a solid black granite with a very consistent color and texture. This granite is quarried in southern India and may also be referred to as Jet Black Granite or Nero Absolute Granite. This uniform granite is incredibly popular and will fit in with a variety of decor types. Looking from afar, this stone is pure black with no variations, mineral deposits or imperfections that can be seen. Upon closer inspection, you will see small grey mineral deposits throughout the stone, these can be highlighted in installations boasting a lot of natural light. Absolute Black is recommended for both interior and exterior use to create not only beautiful countertops, but also flooring, architectural features and outdoor cladding.

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